Jalaram Agan Sanskar Dham

At Jalaram Agni Sanskar Dham, wood for cremation is provided free of cost. For timber services, ‘Tithidaan’ scheme is planned. For Tithidaan, the amount of ₹ 2000 / – is accepted for which donation of wood for one cremation is done and the donators name and donation is mentioned near the entrance of the cemetery on the day. You can also participate in the scheme with Jai Jalaram Manav Seva Trust by raising the donations for the cremation wood as a payback to the motherland. Since its inception, electricity, water, garden arrangements are made by Jalaram Manav Seva Trust for the maintenance of the garden and for the cremation rituals and services at Bilimora Administration Cemetery from the Municipality. Symbols of faith of all the religions, beautiful marble idols of all 28 Gods-Goddesses have been established and maintained nicely where the visitors literally feel the sense of spirituality and peace of mind.