Considering the duties of humanity, the trust serve the poor, the deprived, the elderly mothers, the needy widows, the abandoned sisters, the seriously ill and the victims of accidents. The trust is dedicated to giving a new lease of life to the economically distressed patients.

We belong to the land where Ganga Maiya is being worshipped. There are so many widow sisters out there who are not being supported by any of her in-laws. In such cases it becomes really difficult for her to manage her basic needs and even for her children. So if we all unite here and do the needful for these widow sisters, it might help them a lot that they can lead a comfortable life ahead and at least make her children competent. In the series of the donors, one of our visionary widow is helping. Donors have donations in various fields as help, this widow help by donating homemade cookies. She is doing so well that her cookies are going not only in India but to so many countries out there and also getting great help from around. We wish her more success ahead.

We humbly plea to all the efficient people out there to help uplifting so many of our depressed brothers from just a bit of all you have got from the God. Just have a big heart and help as much you can even if it is a bit, it might be a great help to someone.

The persuasive of the activities of the trust is important for all. As much is will be publicized, more and more needy people will get the benefit. To do something for all, is our humble appeal to collaborate and to alleviate the financial contribution to the organization. There is no doubt that your collaboration in the form of petals will make this organization look like a flower.

The various schemes of the organization are given below:

Permanent date donation
  • Food donation ₹. 3000 / – per day
  • Bhikshuk meal ₹. 2000 / – per day
  • ₹. 2000 / – per day for cremation of dead body in crematorium.
  • For one month expenses in Jalaram Primary Hospital, ₹.
  • ₹.1000 / – per month for birds to feed.
  • ₹. 2000 / – for one month expenditure of Jalaram Jaldhara
The name of the donor will be written on the board of the organization on the date. Donations to the organization Is tax free under section 80 (g) of the Income Tax Act.

The following are the current visions of Jai Jalaram Manav Seva Trust which are currently in operation. (Your donation is eligible for tax exemption under Section 30G of the Income Tax Act.)