During Shraavan Maas arrangements of free meals in the dining hall daily for the devotees, who come for darshan of Somnath Mahadev, Gayatri Mata and Jalarama Bapa, are done. During this month, about 80,000 devotees receive bapa’s prasad.

All the facilities regarding accommodation and meals for the devotees and pilgrims coming from outside the village are provided. Every afternoon for the poor, needy and the handicapped around four hundred people are given free food offerings. For free permanent meals, the amount of ₹ 5000/- is accepted. Pujya Bapa gives the life mantra that is Aapo Tukdo to Hari Aape Dhugllo. Following this mantra, Jai Jalaram Manav Seva Trust has planned a beautiful scheme Annakshetra Tithidaan. The names of the donators (Tithidaan) are mentioned on the board on the date when the donation is being done on their behalf. The board is displayed at the entrance gate and they also receive the letter concerning the same. 

In addition to this, Jalaram Manav Seva Trust provides for the Dietary needs to the poor and the needy every month; for around 200 families. The poor, disabled and middle class elderly people of the society are provided free sorghum (very nutritious grain which looks like rice) regularly on every Amavas. Jalaram Manav Seva Trust have been working constantly to fulfil the sutra of Annadan-Mahadan successfully.