Jalaram Mandir

Jalaram Bapa’s temple, which looks serene and beautiful with its two-storied structure and a spire in the vicinity. On the lower floor, the image of Pujya Shri Jalaram Bapa is visible and Pujya Bapa’s Prasadi is received. On both the sides of the temple, majestic darshan of statues of saints have been established. On the upper floor, in the main temple hall the sculpture of Purna Purushottam Lord Shri Ramji, Mata Sitaji and Shri Lakshman are established. There is also a marble idol of Pujya Jalarambapa at the front the idols of Ganesha and Hanuman are on the left-right side. Also Shri Rameshwar and idol of Shivling and mother Parvatiji, the idol of mother Ambaji are established there. Temple‚Äôs museum holds the artefacts depicting the life of Pujya Bapa are adorned.

This Jalaram temple of Bilimora is a famous temple of Navsari district in South Gujarat for the atmosphere full of Peace of body and mind, spiritual guidance, ample religious activities and many more. The whole place is very well administered and maintained with the combined effort of Jai Jalaram Manav Seva Trust, Bilimora administration and villagers as well as the devotees. The fragrance of humanity is spreading exquisitely here.